International Advisory Panel

ACIE’s international collaboration is managed by an international advisory panel that includes academic researchers , professionals from different parts of the world. The following persons are the members of the International advisory Panel.

Ojha M9675-46

Asso. Prof. Umesh Sherma

Monash University, Australia

Convener-Intl. Advisory Panel


Prof. Dr. M. Tariq Ahsan

IER, University of Dhaka

Executive Secretary-Intl. Advisory Panel

Professor Dr. Joanne Deppeler

Prof. Dr. Joanne Deppeler

Monash University, Australia.

Member-Intl Advisory Panel

Nazmul Haq

Prof. M. Nzmul Haq

IER, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Member-intl. Advisory Panel

Dennis Moore

Prof Dennis Moore

Monash University, Australia.

Member-Intl. Advisory Panel


Asso Prof. Dr. Zan Fei

East China Normal University

Member-Intl. Advisory Panel


Iqbal Hossain

Programme Officer – ‎UNICEF,

Member-Int. Advisory Panel


Prof. Dr. Sanjeev Sonawane

University of Pune, India.

Member-Intl. Advisory Panel


Dr. Megha M. Uplane

University of Pune, India.

Member-Intl. Advisory Panel


Dr.Nurul Aman

University of Massachusetts Boston

Member- Intl. Advisory Panel

tim loreman

Prof. Tim Loreman

Concordia University  College of Alberta Edmonton – Alberta Canada

sadia Shaukat

Asso. Prof. Sadia Shaukat

University of Education. Lahore, Pakistan.

Member-Intl. Advisory Panel